Psychosynthesis is also called a psychology with a soul. Psychosynthesis teaches people to rely on their own inner wisdom and strength and guides them ever closer to the essence of life – the Soul.

Psychosynthesis sees our setbacks, problems and fears as valuable messages. It is precisely the symptoms of pain and suffering that deserve extra attention because they hold the possibilities for self-realisation and growth. Problems are an indication that something old is no longer working for us and they challenge us to discover unknown aspects of ourselves so that we can bring about the necessary change.

The method teaches you to be able to turn a crisis into positive growth. By asking questions that challenge you respectfully, we can shed a different light on your questions, your story, your life and the causes of your problems. This enables us to gain new insights and create a healthy basis for making decisions. This results in deep and lasting changes that help you develop yourself into the person you would like to be.

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