Supervision for PresentChild® Translators

A source of support and inspiration…

I offer supervision for certified PresentChild® Translators. This can be done individually or in small groups. Together we will formulate a made-to-measure supervision plan. This will provide you with a safe and trusted space in which you can grow as a PresentChild® Translator

What is supervision?

Supervision is a personal learning process in which you learn to reflect on your role as a professional. In our profession we work with people and that involves subconscious issues. Our own subconscious can also influence our work. The goal of supervision is to gain insight into the role your own thoughts, expectations, feelings, values and subconscious play in your work as a PresentChild® Translator.

What does supervision offer?

Supervision offers insights into your own actions as a PresentChild® Translator, both during consultations and whilst translating. Being able to look in the mirror of your (professional) pitfalls and qualities will lead to a deepening of your translation skills and thus to growing self-confidence in yourself as a PresentChild® Translator.

When is supervision advisable?

There doesn’t have to be a huge problem in order to undergo supervision. It is about blind spots in yourself that supervision can uncover so offering a valuable opportunity to learn and grow as a PresentChild® Translator.

  • When a case affects you to the point that you suddenly can’t seem to translate.
  • You get stuck in a translation.
  • The feedback session does not strike the chord you hoped it would.
  • You have a PresentChild® client or type of case (relationship or physical complaint) for the first time in a while and you feel insecure about your translation knowledge and skills.
  • You find a case or ‘type’ of issue difficult to deal with because it evokes hesitation or a personal dilemma.
  • You experience moments of doubt, discomfort, shame, or the like during or after a session.
  • You notice that something comes up that you would rather not see.
  • You want to explore what you may be overlooking in your work.
  • You are looking for a next step you want to take with your clients.
  • You want to develop further as a PresentChild® Translator.