The practice

Your questions make you unique. In my practice there is room for your unique story. Without judgement and with perception I offer you professional guidance in your search for insight into the origin of your problems and your life questions.

What you can expect from me:

  • time and opportunity to tell your story
  • that you will be listened to
  • that you will be understood
  • that you will be accepted
  • that appropriate and necessary questions will be asked
  • that a different perspective will be offered  wordt
  • that you will be respectfully challenged to be who you would like to/can be

Coaching can lead to:

  • deeper insight into your life patterns
  • healing old wounds
  • the ability to turn a crisis into positive development  ontwikkeling
  • awakening creative energy
  • renewed purpose and meaning in life
  • a solid foundation for making decisions
  • trust in your inner wisdom